The SpringWalker

Fortune Magazine

The SpringWalker

"Here's how to put a spring in your step" -
Alan Alda on PBS's Scientific American Frontiers

In the Press and on Display

  1. Excerpt from article in Fortune Magazine, TECHNO SAPIENS: The Convergence of Humans and Technology:

    "Nature spent millions of years engineering us as running creatures. It will take some doing to better that--but we'll soon be running at 30 miles per hour," says NASA physicist John Dick, who co-invented this walking device at his Claremont, California startup company in his spare time. "This is just a clumsy prototype, but it will give rise to a whole family of enhanced-gait machines the likes of which we've never seen."
  2. The PBS television show, Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda. View Transcript.
  3. The SpringWalker Display in BYikes at the Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design.